Grievance Policy

It is the policy of Sober Living in Delray to ensure that any grievances are handled respectfully, appropriately, and professionally.

The Formal Grievance Procedure should be used to resolve interpersonal conflict between individuals and/or to report issues with existing Sober Living in Delray policy that a resident believes should be examined.

The Formal Grievance Procedure should not be used for retribution or personal gain.


1.     All grievances should be directed to the Manager on Duty by calling the 24-hour phone number provided in your intake packet;

2.     If grievance is not addressed to your satisfaction within 24 hours, direct your grievance to the Lead Manager in the office during office hours. The lead manager will arrange for an appointment with the owner of Sober Living as well as the staff involved in the grievance

3.     If grievance is still not addressed to your satisfaction within 24 hours, you may take your grievance to FARR (Florida Association of Recovery Residences).

To file a formal grievance, contact the Manager On Duty (if the grievance is regarding the Manager on Duty, you may contact the lead Manager or Owner, the following business day) 

Men’s Office: (561) 276 – 9370

On-Duty Men’s Manager: (561) 276-1087 (Clients’ Office Phone – 24 hr. Emergency Contact)