Most of our residents come from various drug and alcohol treatment centers throughout the United States and South Florida. Residence is typically nine to twelve months in duration, with a six month minimum commitment. We suggest that all prospective residents complete a primary treatment program for drug and/or alcohol dependency, as well as a residential questionnaire form and interview with a staff member (prior to becoming a resident). Upon execution of a lease agreement, a $200 deposit/admin fee, in addition to the first and last weeks’ rent, is due prior to admission. Weekly rental payments are due every Sunday.

Online Payments

You can now pay online using our secure payment gateway. Just click the link below to get started.

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Initial Costs

Deposit/Admin Fee* $200
Last Week’s Rent    $270
First Week’s Rent $270
Total $740

*$100 deposit refundable upon completion of lease

Requirements For Intake & Waiting List

We should have your approximate release date or actual day you need a bed.

A total of $740.00 is due upon day of intake. A minimum deposit/admin fee of $200.00 is necessary in order to reserve bed space. This deposit is refundable solely at the discretion of Sober Living.

It is VERY IMPORTANT if you decide to be on the waiting list that you keep in contact with us. This is especially true if there is any time in between release from treatment and moving into Sober Living.

Bed space priority is given on a first-come, first-serve basis based upon the receipt of the $200.00 deposit/admin fee. The prospective resident is responsible for securing a place on our waiting list by arranging payment of the deposit. Have your family or other support group contact us directly if another party will be sending your deposit.

Keep in mind that rent will be due again your second week at Sober Living, unless you have pre-paid some amount of rent in advance. Make arrangements to pay rent so that you do not get behind.

You need to supply your personal clothes, food, bathroom items as well as laundry detergent and dishwashing soap. We supply all other items, such as linens, pillows, comforter, towels, cleaning supplies, paper towels, trash bags, etc.

Your first weeks rent, paid as a portion of the $740.00 intake, is for your first full week (Sunday to Sunday) at Sober Living. You will be charged a pro-rated amount of $40 per night for the fraction of your first week if you move in on any day other than Sunday. This pro-rated rent will be due your second week here, when you begin paying weekly rent. (For example, if you move in on a Thursday, you will be charged $120.00 for the first three nights – Thursday, Friday and Saturday – that you live here. The next day, Sunday, will begin your first full week here, which you’ve paid for in your $740.00 intake payment. Your next rent will be due that following Sunday, and will include your pro-rated rent amount plus $270.00 for the current weeks rent due. Thereafter, the flat weekly rate of $270.00 applies.)


IMPORTANT – Once you have secured your place on the waiting list (by having an interview with a staff member, making the initial payment, and confirming travel arrangements) we would like to have you complete a residential question form so that our staff will be prepared upon your arrival. Please click on the link below to fill out the form.