Our core staff members live on-site and are available 24 hours a day. Each of them is actively working a 12-step program of recovery, and provide a positive example for those seeking change in their lives. Though Sober Living in Delray does not provide meetings or therapy on the premises, we do offer two, non-clinical support groups each week and are happy to provide an informative directory of local professionals, including aftercare groups, and 12-step meetings.


Michael Schlossman, JD
Co-Owner, CEO, & General Counsel

Michael is the CEO and General Counsel at Sober Living in Delray.  Over the course of his career, in the field of treating persons with substance use disorders, Michael has worked as a clinician, spiritual counselor, and attorney at every level of care in the continuum including Detox, Residential, Day/Night, IOP, and OP.  Michael is a person in long term sobriety and a member in good standing of Alcoholics Anonymous.  Having dedicated his life to helping others recover from alcoholism and drug addiction, Michael is also an Ordained Minister and attorney, admitted to both the New York and Florida Bars, as an Authorized House Counsel.  This unique combination of skills affords Michael the opportunity to serve our clients with excellent care as they seek to re-create their lives as sober men and women of integrity.

Chris Ege

Chris Ege
General Manager

Brad Hanley

Bradly Hanley
Men’s Admissions/Outreach

Kathy Whalen

Kathy Whalen
Women’s Client Services Manager

Suzanne Dixon

Suzanne Dixon
Women’s Office Manager

Men's Staff

Women's Staff