Sober Living in Delray is based upon the AA/NA way of life. In addition to following all the HOUSE RULES, residents are encouraged to work a rigorous program of recovery.

This Includes:
– Staying clean and living a sober way of life.
– Attending AA/NA meetings on a daily basis
– Working with a AA/NA sponsor
– Developing a support group
– Daily prayer and meditation
– Working the 12 steps of AA/NA


SOBER LIVING IN DELRAY Residential House Rules

  1. No use of alcohol, drugs or any mood altering substances (including the use of supplements, steroids, CBD products, Kratom, Kava, Spice/K2, energy drinks and mouth wash containing alcohol). Use and/or possession thereof, including paraphernalia, will result in the immediate termination of your lease. The only exceptions are medications taken under the care and direction of your recovery physician. (prior notification is required, including any changes.)
  2. Gambling in any form is not permitted. This includes poker, lotto and the loan of money or car to another resident.
  3. Profane or indecent language is not permitted.
  4. Pets or any type of animal are prohibited.
  5. The use of tobacco products is only permitted in the outside areas and on your patios. This includes vaporizers and electronic cigarettes!! NEVER use any tobacco products in the apartments, pool area, group room or any fenced in areas and be considerate of others regarding the use of such products. No open flames in the apartments at any time (no candles and/or incense).
  6. No physical confrontation or acting out – no yelling – no verbal or physical threats!
  7. Only the staff and residents are allowed on the premises. Any non-Sober Living resident or sex partner in your apartment for any reason, at any time, will result in the immediate termination of your lease and eviction.
  8. All activities should be quieted by midnight in respect for other residents. Hours should be reasonable and conducive to recovery.
    Sunday thru Thursday 11:30 p.m. (12:30 pm for Phase 3 residents)
    Friday and Saturday 1:30 a.m.
    All Phase I residents 10:30 p.m. (daily)
    (do NOT leave Palm Beach County, at any time, without a pass or notification)
  9. All residents are encouraged to work a diligent program of recovery.
    This includes:
    – Daily meetings of a 12 step recovery program
    – Get a sponsor and work the steps (AA or N.A.)
    – Get a home group and develop sober supports
    – Follow all aftercare recommendations made by your therapist and/or rehabilitation center.
  10. Each resident is responsible for their own personal cleanliness and laundry, as well as the general cleanliness of their apartment as assigned in the weekly community meetings.
  11. All residents should be employed (within two weeks) on a full-time basis.
  12. All residents MUST attend the weekly community meeting (please adjust your schedule, accordingly.)