Early Sobriety

Not Always Easy!

Sober Living

In Delray

Many find that it is not only helpful, but often essential for them to live among other sober individuals during the early stages of their recovery from alcoholism or drug addiction.
At Sober Living in Delray we provide a safe, clean, supportive environment for individuals in early sobriety who are not quite ready to live completely on their own. Our residential rules and quidelines provide a necessary sense of structure and community, along with a flexible amount of personal freedom.
has, for more that two decades, established itself as the premiere recovery residence in the South Florida area. Our staff is dedicated to men and women recovering from addictions, striving to achieve serenity, those who are working on maintaining emotionally and spiritually balanced lives. Our goal is to provide a safe, supportive, drug-free environment for recovering men and women who require a structured environment as they re-enter the workplace and community.

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