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Sober Living in Delray Women's Building
Sober Living in Delray Logo
"Because of their desire to thrive, mangos are a symbol of prosperity, good health and happiness."

Operating since 1998, Sober Living in Delray has helped thousands of residents continue on their path to recovery over the years. All members of the staff have been residents of at one point in time, so are uniquely equipped to understand the needs of current residents. 

Sober Living in Delray provides a range of services to our

residents to help them maintain their sobriety, including:


24/7 Staffing

Random Drug Testing

Enforced Curfews

"I cant say enough good things about this facility. They held my son accountable and truly seemed to care. I slept better at night knowing he was there." Kim G


"Years ago, Sober Living was the place that helped me integrate back into the world. The woman that work here helped me change my life. Thanks to them, I have life long friends that have become family. It was hard work but when you put the effort in the results are endless. It has been seven plus years and these woman and Sober Living still make an impact on my life. Thank you helping me strengthen the foundation that I built my second chance on!" Caitlin E

Sober Living in Delray Logo
Florida Association of Recovery Residences

"This place is truly amazing! I entered the doors of Sober Living at just 18 years old, and immediately became part of a life long family. I was taught the importance of recovery, finding a higher power, fellowship, and how to become a woman of integrity. The women who run Sober Living, are not just doing their job, they truly believe in each and every person that lives there. Sober Living will always be the best in my eyes and I’m forever grateful!" Kelly R

"This place saved the life of someone I love - had it not been for Sober Living in Del Ray I am not sure how I could have helped my loved one." Jack R

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